Delete browser history for individual sites in Chrome on iOS

Delete browser history for individual sites in Chrome on iOS

This step by step guide will show you have to delete specific browser history records. Unlike on android, Chrome for iOS still have no way of deleting all data related to a domain. But this is the closet you can get.

Step 1

ios chrome delete browser history

In Chrome locate the three dots menu button. Next press on "History"

Step 2

ios chrome clear browser history

In the history menu you will see an overview of all browsing history, press the "Edit" button.

Step 3

ios remove browser history chrome

Now select all the recorded visits that you would like to remove from your history, then click "Delete". This will remove only the selected record, if you have visited the same site previously those record will still remain in your browsing history, unlike on android where you are able to delete everything liked to a domain.

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